Skogr Kaupa (Skogr Kaupa Group AB) is a Swedish ITC startup with global ambitions.


We are creating innovative markets for Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services for all the Forests on Planet Earth.

With Microsoft as our main IT partner, we are creating the world's first Market-place Platform for all Nature-based Solutions, including Water, Soil, Carbon, and Biodiversity.


Our proprietary FXC Platform on Microsoft Azure leverages decades of knowledge and experience. Even if we are a startup we trace back our origins in digitizing the Swedish forests since 1981.


We know the forest. We know digitization.


We are Skogr Kaupa.

Now in 2021, the Founders of Skogr Kaupa have joined forces to leverage an incredible past to create an even brighter future.


A future in which all benefits from the forests provides is valued, and where the value is created at the point of service, not at the point of consumption.

We have diversified our products and services and we operate four independent but integrated business units: 


Corporate Solutions – Sell-side Solutions for Natural Capital Estate Owners

  • NCAM – Natural Capital Asset Management – We develop and implement the vision and the strategy for the Natural Capital Estates owned by our clients.

  • ESCS – Ecosystem Services Consulting Sell-side – Consulting & Advisory Services to develop and package certified Ecosystem Services for sales to potential buyers.

Market Solutions – Buy-side Solutions for  Ecosystem Service Buyers

  • ESCB – Ecosystem Service Consulting Buy-side – Consulting & Advisory Services for the recognition, valuation, and accounting of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services.

  • NCEX – Natural Capital Exchange – Listing and Trading of Certified Traceable Biomass (CTB) and Ecosystem Service Securities (ESS).


Market Technologies – Technology Platform & Tools for the entire digital value-chain

  • FXC Platform – Cloud-based platform developed on the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure enabling safe and transparent data storage and transaction.

  • Digital Tools & Apps – A complete library of Solutions for the collection, analysis, and management of Natural Capital Assets and Ecosystem Services.


Information Services – Fact-based and verified Market Intelligence & Knowledge Solutions

  • Skogr Vísindi – Our own Research Center and Think Tank for Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services in collaboration with Industry, Governments, and Academia.

  • Skogr Meta – Historic and Real-time Market & Pricing Data from Certified Partners and national and regional Statistical Institutes.


Are you ready to join forces with us?


Welcome & Thank you!

Team Skogr Kaupa Group and partners